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                2022-6-20 10:26scpanlu


                yanchang to huanglong highway:

                Is extended to huanglong highway in shaanxi province "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" to realize the objective of "county county through high-speed" key construction projects, which opened not only can effectively drive economic development of shaanxi, change the poverty and backwardness of old revolutionary base areas, and to promote the development of regional tourism, improve the regional investment environment, to promote shaanxi economic comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable and rapid development plays an important role. By my company for the construction of the delay of yellow LM03 contract section, longwan route from iron hub interchange (K108 + 086) into the dragonhead high-speed, stop tepe malyan village (K170 + 188) and the Pope huang highway under construction and across YiChuan, huanglong county, total length of 61.9 km.

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